Allkpop’s report: JYP Tour 2009 in L.A.

รายงานข่าวเกี่ยวกับคอนเสิร์ต JYP Tour ที่ L.A. ครับ

“It was a full house last night at the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles! The JYP Tour has officially started and allkpop was there! Well, I was at least.

Wonder Girls sang 15 songs including a remix collaboration at the end with JYP. Guest G-Soul sang “2 used 2,” which definitely was a lady-pleaser. It was a slow R&B song about realizing how special your significant other was, only after breaking up. Guest J-Lim sang “Music is My Life,” her personal song about how music is, well, basically her life. Girl can sing, for sure!

The Wonder Girls started with the songs “I Wanna,” “Bad Boy” with an umbrella dance routine,”Goodbye” and “So Hot.”

The girls had multiple wardrobe changes and put on flawless performances. They even greeted everyone in English, which was very good.

The Wonder Girls then sang “Nobody” in a R&B remix (Rainstone Mix) with white chairs, which was very sultry sexy. They wore black leggings and black tops, then the other backup dancers came out and accessorized them on stage for a cute and colorful “E Babo,” “Headache” and “Irony.”

2PM also performed a couple of songs including “10 of 10,” which made everyone go crazy! The Wonder Girls came back out in all white dresses and a white grand piano for “Saying I Love You.” They included a special message of how they felt towards their fans with the song. It was very touching to hear how genuinely they love their fans and asked if the fans would keep loving them. Aww so sweet~!

Then there was a short video showing the future of the Wonder Girls. They come to America, become a huge sensation, then break up due to professional reasons. All of them go onto more success as Ye Eun becomes a cosmetics company mogul, Sun Ye wins a Grammy, and the funniest one was Sohee, who wins an Oscar for the depiction of a 30-something year old divorcee with Alzheimers!! It would be really interesting to see Sohee act in a movie with such an interesting plot.

The ending showed JYP passing away a few years later, and the girls are re-united after several years of not speaking to one another. A present box containing a clock warps them into the past(?) where they must perform on stage. At Sohee’s urging, the girls reluctantly agree to perform once more together on stage for one night only, which leads into their Dream Girls “One Night Only” performance.

Finally the Wonder Girls ended their half of the concert with “Nobody” in a tango version and another video clip showing the viral dance “Tell Me” from all over the world, including Pumashock. In addition, they had invited five people from all over the world to come up on stage and dance Tell Me!! What lucky fans!

JYP came on stage and basically owned the crowd. Anyone who has ever doubted his capabilities will have a total new found respect for this man. He is a performance machine. He performed all of his hit songs like “Honey” and “She was Pretty” without missing a single beat. By the end of his set, he had torn his shirt off! He also had some heartfelt words for the audience about how the ten minutes before he sleeps is the only time he gets for himself every day and that this concert was a year in making, from adding up all those little moments. JYP told the fans that they are the only way he can continue to sing and perform in the coming years. And everyone in the audience promised to keep coming back.

Then the Wonder Girls came back on stage for an encore performance of “Tell Me” with JYP, which looked very cute and fun and a great way to end the night.

All in all, this concert was incredibly well-rehearsed and executed. It definitely was worth every moment and you could literally feel that these performers had worked so hard to make this the best concert yet.”

Lucky Fans that were on stage and got to hug our girls

credit: allkpop + Frenchy_nana@Soompi



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