[DVD] Erina Mano – Concert Tour 2012 Mano Date Final

Today I have received ‘Mano Erina’s Concert Tour 2012 Mano Date Final DVD‘ which I asked one of my friends to purchase it for me from CDJAPAN since the first day it was released. (I don’t have any credit cards so I can’t purchase it by myself. T T) But finally I got it!! It’s a big day!! Hooray!! ^^

Back dancers: Rie Kaneko (Ricchan), Nanami Tanabe (Tanapyon), Sayuki Takagi (Sayubee), Aina Otsuka (Tsukapon)

1. [Disc 1] Opening
2. [Disc 1] Glory days
3. [Disc 1] お願いだから… ONEGAI DAKARA…
4. [Disc 1] MC1
5. [Disc 1] 天気予報があたったら TENKI YOHOU GA ATATTARA
6. [Disc 1] 春の嵐 HARU NO ARASHI
7. [Disc 1] 黄昏交差点 TASOGARE KOUSATEN
8. [Disc 1] VTR1
9. [Disc 1] 寸劇 応援団コント SUNGEKI OUENDAN CONTE
10. [Disc 1] 熱血先生 NEKKETSU SENSEI
11. [Disc 1] 手を握って歩きたい TE WO NIGITTE ARUKITAI
12. [Disc 1] MC2
13. [Disc 1] 乙女の祈り OTOME NO INORI
14. [Disc 1] あなたがいるから ANATA GA IRU KARA
15. [Disc 1] VTR2
16. [Disc 1] 寸劇 堕天使 エリー ?純情“K・I・S・S”コント? SUNGEKI DATENSHI ELLIE -JUNJOU`K.I.S.S`CONTO-
17. [Disc 1] 純情警察“K・I・S・S” JUNJOU KEISATSU`K.I.S.S`
18. [Disc 1] 堕天使 エリー ?真剣勝負コーナー? DATENSHI ELLIE -SHINKEN SHOUBU CORNER-
19. [Disc 1] はじめての経験?ダレニモイワナイデ?青春のセレナーデ?ラッキーオーラ?世界は サマー・パーティ [Disc 1] *
20. [Disc 1] MC3
21. [Disc 1] ドキドキベイビー DOKIDOKI BABY
23. [Disc 1] 元気者で行こう! GENKIMONO DE IKOU!
24. [Disc 1] バンザイ! ?人生はめっちゃワンダッホーッ!? BANZAI! -JINSEI HA MECCHA WANDAHHO!-
25. [Disc 2] Song for the DATE
26. [Disc 2] MC4
27. [Disc 2] まつげの先に君がいる MATSUGE NO SAKI NI KIMI GA IRU
28. [Disc 2] My Days for You
29. [Disc 2] VTR3 ENDING [座間公演Ver.]

All of Mano’s fans! Please make sure to get your own copy of her final live!!!!

To Purchase DVD (4800 yen) CDJAPAN



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