A Letter to Sayu (2)

Oct 23rd, 2012

Dear さゆみ

It’s 10.52 p.m. in Thailand now. I guess you are sleeping.

This is what I usually do every night; reading your blogs before I go to bed.
Even though I don’t understand Japanese and normally ‘google translation’ make you confused more than understand other languages, I still think positively that at least I can make a guess about the story you tell each day.

Tonight on Ameba, It’s very funny to see what your cat did with your picture on the magazine.

And on Gree, I’m not sure what Masaki-chan did, but I guess it must be funny. (I will wait for blog-project.net to translate it into English later.)

And, you know, today is Tuesday!! Last week you came here in Thailand and at this time of that day I was on the bus heading to Bangkok to your handshake event. Wow, it’s one week now and I miss you so much!





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