A Letter to Sayu (4)

Oct 25th, 2012

Dear さゆみ


Because I had two holidays left (Thursday & Friday), I decided to go to watch a movie.

The movie I went to watch was ‘Silent Hill Revelation 3D’.

You know, it was my first time to watch 3D movie. I had to wear 3D glasses on my glasses. (Just like the picture below (-_-“))

But it was so fantastic!!

I really love watching horror movies!!

How about you さゆみ?

Do you like watching movies? What kind of movies do you like?

I guess you might like romantic-comedy movies.. but who know? さゆみ might like ghost movies! (^O^)

There are a lot of famous Japanese ghost movies such as The Ring (Ringu) and Ju-on.

And most movies that H!P artists star in are horror or ghost movies (Kai-Ki:Tales of Terror from Tokyo, keitai Kanojo, Gomenasai and Osama Game).

So I’m wondering if I will see さゆみ in a ghost movie in the future?





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