A Letter to Sayu (5)

Oct 26th, 2012

Dear さゆみ

Wow, I have written 4 letters to you already, can you believe it?

And this is the fifth letter! Yeah!! (^O^)

I never write to any idols or artists before, so I feel quite strange about what I am doing now. But, you know, there’s always a first time for everything.. and moreover, while I am writing a letter to you, I feel so happy!!

It’s 9.30 p.m. in Thailand now. I have just finished reading your blogs. It’s your granpa’s birthday, isn’t it? Happy birthday to him! (^O^)

(When I saw the photo of the birthday cake, I wanted to eat a piece of cake immediately!)

And さゆみ talked about ‘Paris’..

I almost forgot you have the 3rd handshake event in Paris at the end of this month at Hard Rock Café Paris.

I never feel like visiting European countries before.. until you will go there. (>.<)
I wish I could fly there to attend the event and meet the five of you once again, but I can’t. I’m not that rich.. (T T) but I will start saving some money to visit Japan next year.

I will fly to you, さゆみ, next year. (On Japanese golden weeks)

I hope there will be a lot of Morning Musume’s concerts & events at that time. (^O^)





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