A Letter to Sayu (7)

Oct 28th, 2012

Dear さゆみ

Someone told me that Reina was sick and couldn’t go to Paris. Is it true?

If it’s true, that’s very bad news. I mean, for Thai fans, we are really lucky to meet all five of you. But for European fans who are waiting for the five of you must be disappointed.

However, Reina’s health is the most important. I hope she gets will soon.

Yesterday, when I read さゆみ’s blog, it seemed like you didn’t feel good as well. So please take a very good care of your health. The other members need さゆみ and they can’t go to Paris without their leader. (^^)

And today, I have chosen my ‘TOP 20’ of Morning Musume’s songs from 2009 until now. Started from the 9th album to the 13th album (before the 51st Single) and the result is like this.

(From A to Z)

1. Be Alive
2. Fantasy ga Hajimaru
3. Genki Pika pika!
4. Give me Ai
5. I’m Lucky Girl
6. It’s You
7. Lalala no Pipipi
8. Mikan
9. Namidacchi
10. Nanchatte Renai
11. One-Two-Three
12. Only You
13. Ookii Hitomi
14. Renai Hunter
15. Resonant Blue
16. Shouganai Yume Oibito
17. Silver no Udedokei
18. Suki da na Kimi ga
19. The Matenrou Show
20. Watashi no Miryoku ni Kizukanai Donkan no Hito

How about you, さゆみ? What song is your favorite? (^O^)





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