A Letter to Sayu (8)

Oct 29th, 2012

Dear さゆみ


The place where さゆみ said that you were looking forward to.. Now you are already there!! (^O^)

5℃とかだって!!!<—- It must be really cold!!.. (><) (In Thailand, the lowest temperature for today is about 21-23℃.) So さゆみ, I have to say it once again.. Please take a very good care of yourself!

My holidays ended yesterday and I started working today. I felt a little bit tired after work, but when I saw your photos I felt much better. So I will wait for more photos in Paris!

Have a nice day, さゆみ. The time in France is 6 hours behind the time in Thailand. It must be 5.50 p.m. there. Your day is still young, but my day is nearly ended. I gotta go to bed now.





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