A Letter to Sayu (9)

Oct 30th, 2012

Dear さゆみ

I watched ‘The Amazing Spider-man’ last night. The ending was very sad. Spider-man had a superhero power but he couldn’t be with the one he loved. (T T)

“Nothing can compare with the look from the eyes of the girl who loves you..”

In my life, I have met many fine girls who really love me, but I screw things up. I lost them. And now, I guess I’m deserved to be alone..

So, when I saw Spider-man breaking up with his girlfriend.. I felt so sorry for him. Because once you let your love go away, that one will never return.. (I mean in the real life, not in the movie.)

Sorry for talking too much about myself on this letter.. Let’s talk about さゆみ!

More photos from Paris on your blogs, wow.. the photos of Fuku-chan eating that tart cake are really cute.. It’s her 16th birthday.. I wish her all the best and hope all her dreams come true. (^O^)

I hadn’t prepared any gifts for さゆみ and Fuku-chan when you came to Thailand. I’m so sorry. That’s why I have started writing these letters to send them to you.

I will send these letters to you on November 1st. I guess they will reach you when you return to Japan.

I guess English letters might be difficult for you to understand. (I will learn more Japanese, I promise!!) But you used to say that you wanted Morning Musume to be the international artist, I think my さゆみ, as the leader of Morning Musume, might find the letters from your foreign fans are useful for improving your English. (^O^)

The last photo is my mug..

Actually the image on the mug is for the banner that I made to welcome you at the airport on October 16th. But I couldn’t make it to the airport at that time, so.. when I came back to Lamphun (my hometown), I went to a gift shop and created this mug. It is always on my desk since then to remind me how happy I was when I met all five of you. (^O^)

It’s about 11.20 p.m. in Thailand, so I guess it’s about 5.20 p.m. in France. You might be in the handshake event, now. Gambatte, さゆみ!!




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