[Preview] HKT48 – Melon Juice DVD (Type C)
















6 thoughts on “[Preview] HKT48 – Melon Juice DVD (Type C)

  1. hello! I found your blog via your 9nine fan page on facebook, there’s a lot cool stuff on it!! since you’re also a 9nine fan and part of their fan club in Thailand I was wondering if you know where I could find the PV making and dance shot version of Evolution no.9, I’ve been looking for it on the web but no luck ( only found the PV)
    It’s really hard to find, I’d really appreciate any information

  2. The dance shot version of ‘Evolution No.9’ is in the DVD attached with the single (Type A version) and also uploaded on their official youtube channel – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZCSABBggPE. Normally this video can’t be seen outside Japan, so I’m planning to upload it on my 9nine fan page ‘9nine Thailand Fanclub’ tonight or tomorrow. Please go and check it.

    About the making of ‘Evolution No.9’, I have no idea where to find it, too. Sorry. (T W T)

  3. thanks!!! for posting the dance shot version of Evolution no.9, it’s kind of difficult to find 9nine stuff on line, I don’t know if you’d be interest in posting links for cristhmas no 9nine dvd (I’ve found a link but it’s a big file and it’d be better to split the file and post it in mirrors hopefully you could consider this, maybe with the help of other members of your 9nine facebook page this could be done, please let me know if it’s possible

  4. I used to plan about it. But, since I had bought a blu-ray, I stopped the plan. Of course, this concert is so awesome and full of many great performances and wonderful moments that I would like every fan of 9nine on my fanpage to see, but I can’t make the BDRip or make the cuts of them. You know, even making DVDRip from any DVDs you bought from Japan isn’t that easy. So if you have the link of its DVDRip, please show me and I’ll try to download it.

  5. I understand, to be honest I’ve been looking for a download link for this DVD for several months (but this file it’s too big to download for my internet speed)
    and also due to copyright laws it seems difficult to share the links, it has to be very low key so the links wont be deleted (mirrors like ryushare, rapidgator and filepost have deleted the links due to copyrights) maybe chinese mirrors are less severe
    if it’s not posible, I’ll understand, here is the link

    (this link is available for only 11 days)
    hopefully this chance will work


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