A Letter to Sayu (6)

Oct 27th, 2012

Dear さゆみ

Today, I have listened to ‘Lalala no Pipipi’ many times. I love listening to this song or ‘Suki da na Kimi ga’ every time I feel unhappy or worried with my life and these two songs are really helpful. They can always cheer me up! (^O^)

Don’t you see?

さゆみ’s super cute voice and music are very wonderful. They can bring happiness to さゆみ’s fans. That’s why I am so grateful to you. Arigato, さゆみ.

I really hope I can give you strength whenever you feel exhausted or sad. But I know I am nobody to you. But I least I want you to know that everything you are trying or doing these days is meaningful for your fans and please don’t give up!!

I will always be さゆみ’s fan and I will always support さゆみ!!

さゆみ, gambatte!!!! (^O^)





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